Useful Free Windows Applications

26 Nov 2016

A collection of useful free windows applications for power users, developers, and linux users.

Power Users


Everything is a file/folder indexer. Everything is a great alternative to the broken indexing and the feature lacking Windows search in Windows 10. You'll need to add the folders you want to index in the Tools > Options > Folders menu. Everything can perform globbing, ORing between spaces, regex, and boolean operations


Windows 10 Application Launching is broken. Whether its because the indexer is forever indexing your drive or its showing you web results before applications, it just doesn't quite work quickly or reliably enough.

That's Where Launchy comes in. It can be open via a key-combo (I use alt+space). And you can type the name of the application that you want to open, and it will attempt to autocomplete like Windows search. You can set it to index any folder where executables or shortcuts exists and startup at boot.


HWiNFO is very useful for finding out CPU, RAM, GPU, and Storage Device information. And many other details of your computer.


Enpass is a package manager that can be used to syncronize you passwords via Google Drive or Dropbox. That means Enpass does not hold on to your password. However the mobile application is not entirely free.

ClipSync Server

ClipSync is a very useful application, when pared with its android app for having a shared clipboard between your mobile device and your computer on a local network.

ClipSync is very similar to the linux application, KDEConnect.



Git is an obvious need for developers. I recommend git-scm for Windows. If you've haven't tried GitHub Desktop, I'll save you the headache. It's very unstable and unsuitable.

Git-scm comes with git, which can be called from the commandline, gitk, a gui client, and ssh for cloning. However the ssh client doesn't interpret terminal color codes, which is why you should download OpenSSH below if you use SSH interactively.


mls-software openSSH comes with both a ssh client and a server. If you don't want remote login via SSH, then disable the server option in the installer. Terminal color codes are properly interpreted in cmd.exe.


If you use python in any way, WinPython isVery useful in that it includes not only packages but an IPythonQT client.

Linux Users


Rufus is a tool for creating bootable USB drives. I use Rufus mainly to temporaliy to create a bootable linux distribution to install onto a hard drive.

Rufus is a more reliable alternative to UNetbootin.

Diskinternals Linux Reader

Diskinternals Linux Reader is freeware that can be used to read linux Ext4 partitions. It's create when you want to copy over data from your Linux partition to your Windows one.


Windows Download page

Deluge is a cross platform bittorrent client available for both Windows and Linux AND it doesn't have ads or bloatware. It's great for downloading Linux torrents and not being uTorrent.

Strawberry Perl (CPAN)

Even if you don't program in perl, Strawberry Perl is useful for downloading Perl programs.

Notably ack, a grep alternative, can be downloaded via CPan

After installation of Strawberry Perl, in cmd.exe run:

cpan App::Ack

To download ack

Then you can use it just like grep from the command-line:

ack "foo" some_file.txt

Node.js (npm)

Just like Stawberry Perl, you can install Node.js to give you acess to the npm package manger, which has useful javascript based applications.

Notably, you can run:

npm install -g sloc

To install sloc, a very nifty ( and obviously cross-platform) commandline tool for caculating source lines of code for a variety of programming languages


Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows. It allows you to install packages automatically instead of going to websites to download msi or exe installers. I do not recommend it for installing everything however because in many cases the installer doesn't install shortcuts or add directories to your PATH, leaving you guessing where the application was installed.

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